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Hey y’all!

Some people like to wake up in the morning to a book they’re reading, jamming out to some music, or a nice brisk run. I like to wake up to podcasts! I take FOREVER getting ready in the morning. It is a magnificent day if I can leave within an hour of waking up. Because I’m clearly to a morning person, I can’t always commit to working out in the morning or having enough discipline to read a book. I wake up my mind with other people’s mental discipline to record their thoughts! Here is a list of my favorites as of lately:

The city church audio

The City Church with Judah Smith (Audio)

My friends who know me well know that I am a FAN of Pastor Judah Smith. Lord willing, I would move to Seattle strictly to be apart of The City Church. I have watched most of his sermon jams & YouTube sermons, bought a few books, and now have been following his podcast for almost three years now. If you ever want to hear someone share the good news of Jesus Christ in the most impassioned, unashamed, raw, slightly ridiculous, on fire for Jesus way, listen to Pastor Judah Smith. He’ll tell you about Jesus.

ecclesia podcast

Ecclesia Houston- Pastor Chris Seay

If you are ever wondering what we as Christians are to look like or do with our time here on Earth, Pastor Chris Seay will clue you in. What I love about Pastor Chris is that he is passionate about the body of Christ being known as people of open doors and open arms. He teaches his church the value of being a good host and welcoming people into the Body, scars and all.

the liturgists

The Liturgists- Michael Gungor and  Mike McHargue

Two guys. Raised Southern Baptist and Assemblies of God. Each had their own experience with God, the church, etc. Each took a step back from faith to “deconstruct” their experiences. Now they host a podcast discussing the intersection of art, science, and faith. Their discussion topics range from: the role of the Church in restoring dignity to Black bodies, breaking down damaging narratives regarding women, spiritual trauma, and advocacy.


Reconstruct- John Raines and Dan Koch

Where The Liturgists focus more on deconstructing narratives and themes within Christianity, Reconstruct focuses more on building back up the foundations of faith. This podcast aims to speak to Christians who have critically examined their faith journey and wish to build back up their faith journey.

the village church

The Village Church Sermons- Matt Chandler

Being a Dallasite, I have to give major props to Pastor Matt Chandler and the work he is doing leading a gospel centered church that works to reconcile the world and the community in which he dwells. Pastor Matt Chandler is passionate about the Word of Jesus and encouraging his community to live a life that reflects the teachings of Jesus. Each sermon comes with a light helping of dad jokes as an added bonus.

culture matters

The Village Church- Culture Matters- Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson

Holy huddles help no one. This podcast was created in order to explore the intersection of faith and culture. Looking at politics, social media, entertainment, and racial reconciliation, the goal here is to speak to how to live in the context we are placed into.

Hope this helps!


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UPDATE: The previous revision listed David Gungor as a host of The Liturgists. David Gungor is the brother of Michael Gungor and lead vocal of the band, The Brilliance. Also excellent material. Will surely be featured in Music Mondays soon. The current revision lists the correct host for The Liturgists podcast.