Music Mondays: The Oh Hellos

“I was all alone. We were young. You were like wine.”

I will sheepishly admit that it took me some time to jump on The Oh Hellos wagon. Ultimately, I am SO glad I did! It wasn’t until I saw them in concert that I felt the spirit of their music, and I have been hooked ever since. These Texas natives are fun, eclectic, and an all around good sound. I tend to love bands with lyrics that drip of allegories and heartfelt stories, so The Oh Hellos are right up my alley. If you are looking for music to contemplate the deeper things in life, The Oh Hellos have got that for you. If you need music to bang your head and jump around manically to, they’ve got that too! If you’re getting hitched soon, and you want a great wedding song, see “Like the Dawn.” If you can’t get over your ex-, see “Bitter Water.” Whatever you’re in the mood for, The Oh Hellos will hook you up for sure!

Check them out below!

PC: Laurie Heath Studio