What Is Effervescent Tea?

effervescent- (of a liquid) bubbling, hissing, and foaming as gas escapes; showing liveliness or exhilaration

Sweet tea is effervescent. Life is effervescent. And so is love.

Love gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. Love gives you a reason to be happy, a reason to enjoy the life you have been blessed with. I have many loves. I love to laugh! A lot! I love to sing off-key (it’s intentional, I promise!) I love to hug people. I love to make people smile. I love to sit in silence when they cry. I love to love people.

Love can be tricky though. Sometimes, I run into situations where I don’t know how to best love people, so I do what I can. That’s all I can do, and sometimes that isn’t enough. But it’s precious, because sometimes some people choose to love me in return. We both realize there is only so much that my love can do. And I’m grateful for those moments. I’m grateful for the moments where love lets me be a human.

This page is simply me trying to process through the many interactions, thoughts, and ideas that love brings me to. Some are hard thoughts, some are funny interactions, and some are extremely dull ideas. They are all a mixture of mine and others, and I think they’re all pretty special. I hope you do too!

Just like a good glass of sweet tea, sometimes in life, we have to go through the boiler to get to the good part. The sweet part. Love is best boiled. Love has such a great potential to be sweet. Through all of the ups and through all of the downs, so far, I’ve found love to be pretty… effervescent, and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing!




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