An Explanation

Hey y’all!

In case you’re like me and tend to overthink a LOT, you were probably wondering what is up with the title of the site and how do all of the section titles flow together. I am here to ease your tensions and explain it all!

I’m a Southern girl born & bred. And on a hot summer’s day, there is nothing more refreshing than a glass of sweet iced tea. If you ask me, I can give you my top three places for picking up a gallon of sweet iced tea, and I am not too shy to roll through a drive-thru window and order a gallon of Texas liquid gold. Sweet iced tea doesn’t start sweet though. It starts bitter. It’s just normal black tea, strong and caffeinated (like me), that you have to put on a fire. Life is like a fire. It challenges you. It cleanses you. It reveals the kind of grit you’re made of. Life can be pretty sweet too! There are moments and people who are added to your life to make that whole life thing a little sweeter. And soon, it cools down to a nice rhythm. Everything doesn’t really fall into place, but you’ve got a nice groove figured out to balance everything that life throws at you. Then one day, you find yourself out on a porch somewhere in the hot Texas summer sun drinking a nice, cool glass of sweet iced tea. And through all the ups and downs, at the end, you find that life can be like a glass of effervescent tea.

WATER: In Psalm 1, it emphasizes that the tree is only fruitful when it is rooted beside streams of water. In Jeremiah 2:13, God calls Himself a “spring of living water”. In John 4, Jesus offers the Samaritan woman a drink from the spring of living water. Water is God. This section comprises of cool stories, anecdotes, and ideas that come to mind about God and my relationship with Him.

LEAVES: Leaves are fleeting. When the season changes, they dry up and fall away. They can be a sign of vitality, but they can also just suck away from the source and offer nothing to the tree outside of aesthetics. They may seem important for a season, but when the season changes they are gone until a new season sprouts new leaves. Leaves is about societal issues that I think are worth mentioning. There is a lot of importance and weight given to what happens in our society, but if we remain firmly rooted by the stream of living water, things will come and pass but we will not be shaken.

SUGAR: Sugar is simply sweet stuff added to our lives to make it a little better. Here, you will find just sweet things that have either made me laugh, excited me, or just touched my heart in a nice and sweet way.

ICE:  I’m a medical student. I cannot escape having a blog and not posting some tidbits and cool things about medicine because that’s a major part of my life! Just like ice is used to ease muscle pain, ice is used in the blog to speak to whatever interesting finds in medicine I may come across.

So, you’ve probably figured out the WHOLE relationship between everything now.  Effervescent tea is describing a glass of sweet iced tea. In order to make the tea, you have to start with water, otherwise you have some bitter tasting leaves.Those leaves need good access to water in order to provide and maintain vitality. The leaves are what actually produces the tea drink. We boil those leaves to extract their flavor, and we throw in some sugar to make that tea taste sweet. And we throw in a couple of cubes to cool us down and heal our burning bodies from the inside out. Then we turn off the heat and throw in some ice to enjoy our sweet ice tea. In life, I have to be hooked to my source of living water, get through the grind of life while enjoying the sweetening and healing process of living. Life isn’t a box of chocolates; it’s a glass of sweet tea

Thanks y’all!

Love & hugs,



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